Choosing the perfect shoe and keeping them ready can slip from our mind when we are busy attending to other things. In order to help you and your partner to select what’s best, go through these tips you need to remember while shopping for your wedding day shoes.

Go for what’s comfortable

This should be the first thing to look out for. You have to own it and, for that, you have to be comfortable with the colour, design and height (for women). Also, think about the venue, if it’s at a beach you might want to opt for wedges. Sneakers would be suitable for men.

Wedding shoe

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Match it

The key rule here is to go for shoes that complement your suit or dress. It’s not necessary for you to go only for safe colours like red, nude or white shoes. You can always get fancy and experimentative by just making sure the combination is not difficult to even look at.

Get them worn

Just like you go for your wedding attire trial, include your shoes in your trial sessions too. If needed, wear them a couple of times, especially women who want to go for stilettos.

The theme

Lastly, do not forget about the theme. Most probably, even your attire will be designed according to your theme or vice-versa. So, do not forget to pay heed to what kind of shoe, colour and design you want to go for.

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