This is Philile Shongwe.

She is 21 years old.

After Sunday’s stinky incident at a wedding, she has been referred to as the human waste girl.

Shongwe did the unthinkable. She came to church where the wedding of her ex-lover was to take place armed with human waste in a five litre container.

Revenge or getting level with her former boyfriend Peter Mavuso (27) was on her mind. Mavuso was getting married on Sunday and Shongwe felt it would be the perfect moment to execute her devious plan.

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During the wedding, she waited for the moment when the groom and the bride were called in front. Shongwe threw the bucket full of human waste largely on her former lover.

However, all those who were close to Mavuso, the target, got a fair share of the stinky waste.

That Mavuso managed to summon strength to continue with the wedding the stink notwithstanding did not stop him from reporting his former girlfriend to the police.

Shongwe was subsequently arrested. Yesterday she made a brief appearance at the Magistrate’s Court before being taken back to the police holding cells for more investigations. She is likely to be charged with Crimen Injuria. She was told her matter would be heard before court today. The groom Mavuso was also present in court together with two of the groomsmen who were affected by the human waste.

...Why I did it

In a brief interview yesterday, the human waste girl said she was hurting after being lied to by Mavuso.

She said she had been dating Mavuso for over three years and had been promised marriage.

The pregnant 21-year-old said her main aim was to end the wedding ceremony as Mavuso had now turned against her yet she was carrying his child.

“He started by lying to me about the number children he has as I discovered he had another child besides the five-year-old I knew.

He was also staying with the mother of the child and when I addressed this, he promised me he would move out. He told me he was being forced to stay at his girlfriend’s parental home,” she alleged.

The parental home in question is situated at Corporation.


Shongwe further alleged that she was insulted by the woman his former boyfriend eventually married.

“She used to call and demanded I leave his man alone,” she said.

She added that things became normal when Mavuso moved out of the woman’s house and rented a flat at Mncitsini. She said she then discovered she was pregnant in November last year and informed her boyfriend.

“He was fine with it as we even planned on how we were going to save money for the child and he also talked about formally introducing me and the pregnancy to his family but he went back to the mother of his children,” she said.

She said he would tell her he was being forced by his mother-in-law to stay with them.

“He even told me he was being forced to marry the mother of his children.

He gave me false promises and said he would marry me,” she said.

She said she was shocked by the wedding ceremony after everything she had been promised by Mavuso. She did not seem to be bothered by her Sunday stinky actions.

I never knew my ex-lover was pregnant- Groom

On the other hand, the groom Mavuso said, he only dated the human waste girl for less than five months.

He said he did not know she was pregnant as she never told him when they separated in November.

“I only discovered about it when I heard she was planning to officially report it at home but she did not find my elders. She did not tell me anything, on fact we were no longer on speaking terms with her,” he said.

Peter Mavuso has dismissed allegations he was forced to marry his current wife.

He said he married her because he loved her rather than Shongwe’s allegations that he was pushed by his mother-in-law.

He said Shongwe did not know what she was talking about adding he did not want anything to do with her.

“That woman insulted me in front of people and I do not know what will happen next as she threatened to kill me if I proceeded with marrying my wife,” he said.

He also accused her of insulting him and his wife through social networking platform WhatsApp.

In addition, he said he was not sure if he was the father of the child Shongwe is carrying since she was a party animal.

“I do not know about the pregnancy and I will not entertain it as I am not ready to see her again. I do not know what will happen,” he said. He said he was scared about what happened on Sunday as he heard Shongwe went to see a prophet.

“I cannot even sleep well or eat well, I am worried that human waste had muti. All I want now is to meet her prophet so I can find out why he ordered her to throw human waste at me,” he said.

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