Some are frantically trying to find a replacement while others are furious with the service they received on their special day.

One bride, Tess Lewis, was married in February but had only one professional photo printed from her special day.

“I said 'where’s my canvas my photo album?' she said 'that’ll be coming next week'. Still waiting. That was over a month ago," the devastated newlywed told 7 News.

After signing up with Bokeh Photography for a $1200 package, the 29-year-old was told a random photographer would be capturing her wedding.


“Hurt, disappointed and angry,” Ms Lewis said about the experience.

Another bride, Megan Laidlaw was given the same story three days before her wedding.

“I wouldn't by any means call it professional, there were random photos of a paddock, a house number,” Ms Laidlaw said.

The disappointed brides have connected through social media.

“I think there’s about 15 to 20 of us,” Ms Lewis said.

Another victim, 23-year-old Jacinta Bakker, is now taking Bokeh Photography to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal asking for her deposit back.

“I’ve worked really hard to save for this wedding so for someone to take my money and say you’re not getting anything back really, really hurts,” she told 7 News.

Bokeh Photography owner Laura Hoskin said, “I was a small business and it’s gone wrong.”

Ms Hoskin offered the explanation, “everyone’s going to receive their photos. This only happened in the last three weeks.”

However Ms Laidlaw's wedding was back in November.

A quick check of the company online reveals it was only registered last month.

The jilted brides say it’s a warning to others to do their homework before trusting someone with memories that can never be replaced.

“You can’t just re-do your wedding date. You can’t get that day back,” Ms Laidlaw said.

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