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Finally, a service that creates your perfect wedding hashtag

Le 24 mai 2017, 05:51 dans Humeurs 0

Chances are, if you’ve been dating someone for, oh, more than six months in this modern era, you’ve already toyed with some wedding hashtag ideas. #MeetTheCrazies, anyone? Sure, it’s a little insane, but it’s also fun to daydream. Or maybe, you know, you’re planning a wedding and coming up dry for inspiration. Maybe you simply want to help a friend with a serious case of writer’s block. Behold: The Hashtag Test.


Wedding Hashtag Generator Pippa Middleton Wedding




Powered by The Black Tux, a suit rental company for men on their big day (or those serving as groomsmen), proms or other special events, the new service launched today. "People can go crazy over their wedding hashtags, so we thought we'd fan the flames a bit by creating a tongue-in-cheek, internet-based compatibility test for you and your significant other,” says Matt Gierl, VP of growth at The Black Tux.


The easy-to-use site works as a wedding hashtag generator where you enter your first and last names and let rhyme comparisons run across thousands of prewritten wedding hashtags. It then gives you a hashtag and a “compatibility score” based on how your names mash up. (For what it’s worth, the names of my beau of more than five years and myself were met with “Hmmm...that's a pretty mediocre hashtag. Maybe try someone else?”) Worth noting: If you add or remove middle names or nicknames, your results will vary. Curious to see what kind of magic (and hashtag hilarity) this inventive machine is capable of?


If you’re planning a wedding, try it for yourself and breathe a sigh of relief knowing you can perhaps free up approximately 4,136 hours of your life from wedding hashtag brainstorming to — gasp — actually get back to writing your vows.

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N.J.'s 41 highest-rated wedding venues, according to Yelp

Le 19 mai 2017, 08:36 dans Humeurs 0

By Bobby Olivier | NJ Advance Media for

Wedding season is upon us, fellow New Jerseyans; chances are you have an invitation or save-the-date magnet stuck to your fridge as we speak.

And let’s be honest — we’ve all been to at least one wedding where you, as a guest, wondered “How’d they land on this uninspired place?” The answer is simple: the bride and groom were unable to consult this new list, of the 40 top wedding venues in New Jersey, according to Yelp.

The popular social app has provided us data on the best venues in the state, from banquet halls and country clubs to hotels and restaurants, all ranked according to Yelp's methodology, which measures star ratings, number of ratings, how long a business has been open and more.

Did your favorite Jersey wedding venue make the list? Scroll through and see which breathtaking spots earned the most praise from Yelp users.



41. Maritime Parc, Jersey City

If you’re searching for a wedding venue with a breath-taking view of New York City to match its beautiful interior, check out Maritime Parc in Jersey City.

One user says: “My colleague and his wife had their wedding reception here this past summer. The venue/event space was spacious and beautiful. There are stunning views of Lower Manhattan and the bay! The staff here are very warm and friendly!”

40. Rock Island Lake Club, Sparta

With a close-knit staff, and a romantic, rustic vibe, Rock Island Lake Club is one of the top spots in Sussex County to tie the knot.

One user says: “The venue was absolutely beautiful. From the lake in the back, to the covered porch for cocktail hour to the upstairs bar with 6 different beers on tap it was wonderful!”

39. The Flanders Hotel, Ocean City

Built in 1923 in the heart of Ocean City less than a block from the beach, The Flanders is terrific, elegant locale for any wedding at the Jersey Shore.

One user says: “I recently had my wedding at the Flanders and couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience. The reception that followed was beyond my expectations. Aside from the beautiful atmosphere, the food was phenomenal.”

38. Hyatt Regency Morristown, Morristown

The Hyatt’s sophisticated ballroom plays host to many weddings in Morristown large and small. Customized wedding packages and personalized food menus await.

One user says: “As a guest/participant at a 300-400 person Indian wedding, everything appeared to go seamlessly, which is impressive.”

37. Jumping Brook Country Club, Neptune

With four ballrooms overlooking a scenic golf course, Jumping Brook is a popular venue in Monmouth County touting ambiance and appeal 10 minutes from the beach.

One user says: “Fabulous wedding venue. They have plenty of beautiful spaces, great food and wonderful service. Can't recommend more highly."36. The Atrium Country Club, West Orange

Beautiful outdoor spaces match a grand ballroom in Essex County at The Atrium, where users on Yelp rave about the service and food.

One user says: "It's a beautiful venue. The interior looks elegant. When you enter, there's lobby with high ceilings and warm lighting, with chandeliers and marble flooring."

35. The Frog and the Peach, New Brunswick

Most visit the upscale Central Jersey restaurant The Frog and the Peach for a fancy dinner, but the venue also puts on beautiful weddings — with award-winning food options to match.

One user says: “My sister had her wedding in the sun room here about a month ago. It was absolutely beautiful! I love the location of this place, its far back from the main street so it was nice and secluded. The food was good!” (Photo by Cathy Miller)

34. Hanover Marriott, Whippany

If you’re having a huge wedding, the Marriott hotel in Whippany has you covered — the venue’s largest room can accommodate 1,400 guests!

One user says: “I stayed at this hotel for a wedding. The hotel is really gorgeous and there is a huge courtyard area too.”

33. Southern Mansion, Cape May

This historic bed and breakfast on the southern tip of New Jersey, built in 1863 by a Philadelphia industrialist, is a terrific shore spot for a small, intimate wedding.

One user says: “The Southern Mansion was the best venue a bride could ask for (especially one with a small wedding of 65 guests) and I am so glad we were married there!”

32. Brigalia's, Sicklerville

Able to accommodate both indoor and outdoor weddings with scenic grounds, Brigalia’s has for 35 years been a wedding venue mainstay in South Jersey.

One user says: “Had my wedding here and it was everything I could've wanted as a bride. They don't offer upgrades because everything is already included!! Absolutely recommend this venue!”

31. Maplewood Country Club, Maplewood

Set on a well-kept golf course in Essex County, the Maplewood Country Club receives rave reviews for its food, atmosphere and staffing.

One user says: “I'm somewhat of a stranger to country club weddings, but I doubt I will ever experience anything better than Maplewood. From the time we arrived until we left 6 hours later, the food was plentiful and the drinks easily obtained.”

30. The Smithville Inn, Galloway

When used for a wedding, the historic Smithville Inn is a beautiful, wood-laden getaway in South Jersey. For fans of understated, rustic weddings.

One user says: “The wedding packages are incredibly underpriced. If we weren't looking to have so many people, we'd book our date here in a heartbeat!”

29. Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury

Built in 1910, the Shadowbrook mansion is a breath-taking locale in Monmouth County for a lavish wedding reception.

One user says: “My daughter got married at The Shadowbrook. There are not enough words to express how amazing her wedding was. The staff is superb. The food is amazing. The grounds and mansion are incredible.”

28. Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Warren

Stone House is a terrific mix of urban and rustic, surrounded by 10 acres of grounds in this hills of Somerset County and touting a focus on the five Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

One user says: “If you are looking to book a wedding, the cocktail area space is so unique and the ballroom is bright and roomy. We are really looking forward to our wedding at the Stone House!”

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New proposal shakes old wedding

Le 16 mai 2017, 12:57 dans Humeurs 0

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) and IMG-Reliance’s (IMG-R) decision to increase the number of teams in the Indian Super League (ISL) and its duration has given rise to speculation that it might supersede the I-League to become the premier domestic competition. Former I-League champions Bengaluru FC have already shown interest in jumping ship while East Bengal, it is believed, wrote to the AIFF and sought a meeting on May 22. And with Mohun Bagan, too, likely to make the move, the remaining I-League clubs now fear that they will be left redundant. Here’s the conundrum surrounding the two leagues explained and its potential ramifications for Indian football.

What is the latest proposal and how will India’s domestic structure be next season on?

It’s yet to be made official but it is believed the ISL and I-League will run simultaneously for five to seven months. The winner of the I-League will compete in the AFC Champions League playoffs and efforts are on to get an AFC Cup spot for the ISL champions. A new tournament, Super Cup, has been proposed, which will have top-four teams from both leagues. It will replace the existing Federation Cup.

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Is it normal to have two parallel leagues, as it might soon be in India with ISL and I-League?

No. Normally, every country has one premier league and one Cup tournament. In October 2014, then FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke had said on his visit to India: “We will not call ISL a league. For us, there is one league and it is the I-League. ISL is a tournament and helps in the recognition of the sport, because it brings a lot of attention not only in India, but also outside. But then again, you cannot have two leagues in a country – it doesn’t work. So, for us, there is one league under the aegis of the federation and that’s the I-League.” AIFF president Praful Patel, too, had echoed his views.

So will the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and FIFA allow this to happen?

It looks like, yes. Last week, former IPL CEO and current head of Reliance Sports Sundar Raman travelled to Bahrain to meet AFC general secretary Dato Windsor on the sidelines of the FIFA Congress. AIFF secretary Kushal Das was also present during the meeting and it is believed the AFC has agreed to make an exception and grant ISL recognition. Windsor himself is expected to make a visit to Delhi in the last week of May to make the announcement.

Why this sudden change of heart?

How the AFC explains this, if it indeed happens, is still unknown. But eventually, they will support a league that has AIFF’s backing. The federation gets roughly Rs 50 crore annually from IMG-R and it does not wish to bite the hand that feeds it. So it has gradually softened its stand on the ISL and is now backing it to be the recognised league.

Is this structural change necessary?

Yes, extremely. The Indian football calendar is a shambles right now. The I-League begins in January and ends in April/May. Then, the Federation Cup takes place in unplayable conditions in May. The ISL pre-season begins in July or August and the tournament ends in December. In between, there are international matches and camps. So the players essentially play all year long without a break . Also, the AIFF is under pressure not to organise international friendlies during the ISL. A revised structure would go a long way in sorting out the domestic calendar.

How are I-League clubs reacting to this?

They are insecure about their future. Because of its financial might, the players prefer ISL over I-League, which is practically a semi-professional tournament. The ISL is also promoted aggressively and is shown live on television during prime time, which means it is a lucrative investment for the sponsors. The I-League is poorly marketed and does not have a TV deal for next season. Naturally, the I-League clubs feel threatened and have opposed this move.

Are any I-League clubs expected to join the ISL?

Former champions Bengaluru FC have already picked up the bid document, which has to be submitted by May 25. The ISL has left the door open for Mohun Bagan and East Bengal as well by inviting bids for franchises from Durgapur and Siliguri. Bagan have their youth academy in Durgapur while Siliguri has been the second home to East Bengal.

East Bengal, it is learnt, wrote to the AIFF and sought a meeting on May 22. How would they benefit from joining the ISL?

There’s plenty to gain for them and, seemingly, little to lose. The visibility ISL gets is much more than the I-League and the tournament is better organised. If it’s a longer league, the standard of foreign players, too, is likely to get better. Plus, the clubs also stand to earn revenue from the central pool, although that hasn’t happened as promised in the first three seasons. All this is missing from the I-League.

Are there enough players, grounds, referees to conduct two tournaments?

All the top players are expected to play in the ISL because of the big bucks it offers. The biggest problem is the availability of grounds and match officials for running ISL and I-League simultaneously. Even the AIFF and IMG-R see it as a challenge but not big enough to stop them from going ahead with this.

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