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Design your unique wedding photo pose

Le 31 mai 2018, 04:33 dans Humeurs 0



I think everyone has a photo, whether take photos or go out to play, you will naturally when photographed posing a variety of positions, so you just look so beautiful in that picture, picture taken is the same, the couple in the picture taken when also need posing to photograph, so as to make beautiful photos.

A lot of new people will say that they don't know how to pose POSS. In fact, everyone is their own teachers, as long as they open their mind and show their best side can. And when taking pictures, photographers interact with new people and teach them some poses.

Bold new couples can make intimate gestures with the groom while taking photos. Such as kissing, hugging and cuddling, the wedding photos are sweeter. Or walk hand in hand on the path, or jump happily, these are all good wedding photos of some good posture. Of course, new people can also incorporate some of their own ideas, which will be more realistic.

Picture taken posture is very important, the new people already know, so people in the picture taken before the new it is best to practice some more picture taken positions, or new people can go to the wedding photography studio some web site to see some photos of the posture of some picture taken from high school, improved, this is your unique wedding photos pose. I believe your wedding photos are the most beautiful.


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Choose the right wedding photography studio

Le 30 mai 2018, 05:18 dans Humeurs 0



Predestination, really is a very wonderful things, we are still strangers yesterday, today, we are friends, another day maybe we are lovers, the fate is coming, really block also can not hold up against, so, now that god let you meet, fall in love again. I think a perfect wedding photo is the best gift for a woman. So, before that, should couples find a good wedding photography studio?

Before many couples take wedding photos, the biggest headache is finding a studio, because they don't know where to start. Today, small make up to tell new people to choose a good wedding photography studio, wedding photography studio which good? Now listen to the editor's introduction.

A good wedding photography studio is first of all good quality, with a good reputation. The essence of quality wedding photos, so when choosing wedding photos, new people should know the reputation of each wedding photography studio in advance, everyone said it was really good. Second, on the quality of service it is not a one to one service to hundreds of, and the wedding style is diverse, the quality of the photos should not only take good, design is rich, both in the scene and clothing requirements diversification, clothing, etc, this is all new people to be aware of, new clothes to wear comfortable, of course, the update time is fast, new people will have more choices.

The most important question for new couples is the price. How much is it for wedding photography? New people it is important to note that any late consumption, some studio clothes is need to add money, in order of time is not to say, the cheapest when choosing clothes also 23000, new people when the choice must pay attention to consumption in the late. Dalian wedding photography studio which good? If you're aware of these problems, are you afraid you won't find a good wedding photography studio?


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The bride's wedding is simple and not simple

Le 29 mai 2018, 05:53 dans Humeurs 0


With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, the design of wedding dresses tends to be simple, and the simple and elegant wedding dresses are welcomed by more and more brides as professional women. The stressful and pragmatic life style makes them no longer worry too much about the complex designs of wedding dresses. They only care about whether the wedding dresses can reflect their personality grades. Simple and simple, they make them feel relaxed and comfortable.
In fact, today's magnificent and luxurious wedding dresses are declining. Unless your wedding is extravagant, or if you have a special liking for stylish wedding dresses, wedding dresses that are full of beads and lace can be avoided. Compared with magnificent luxury styles, simple wedding dresses are often more able to show the beauty of the bride. Due to abandoning the complicated design and replacing it with elegant tailoring, the figure of the bride is perfectly reproduced. In addition, the interference of beads and lace is reduced, and the bride's pure and elegant temperament is more clearly revealed.
Of course, if your wedding dress is too simple, you can also use your brains to create some changes on your own. For example, you can use light and delicate flowers to embellish your hair, shoulders, waist and even shoes. If it is done well, it can give people a feeling of being unorthodox.
The simple design is also veiled and skirted. It is easy to move and there is no such thing as a “drag and drop” feeling of orthodox wedding dresses. This is also the benefit of a simple wedding dress. If you ask yourself a good figure and superior temperament, then choose a simple wedding dress can also be brilliant.......

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