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Ruffled wedding dress making techniques

Le 18 September 2018, 07:55 dans Humeurs 0


According to the style, identify the style and the position of the cutting line on the human table with the color marking line; pave the basic pattern on the human table and determine the pattern of the garment; cut out the pieces of the basic sample and dress on the human table according to the pattern. Determine the position of the pleats, and select the fabric used to make the pleats according to the size and direction of the pleats. The length of the fabric is greater than the length of the pleats; stitch a line 1cm from the edges of the fabric (in the direction of the pleats) Traces and traces are adjusted to draw out one of the upper or lower threads to form a pleated pleat. The length of the pleated pleats after the completion is the same as the length of the dress style design requirements, leaving 4 cm at the head and tail, and the four ends of the extracted sewing thread. Keep all, without cutting off, affix the four-end sewing thread to the cloth board, arrange the irregular fabrics after the pleats to make a pleated arrangement, and fix them at the left and right ends with a pin; The fabric is laid on the basic model fabrics on the human table, and the folds are adjusted on the human table to make it flat. Remove the adjusted pleat fabric, sew a sewing thread at both ends of the pleated fabric, and fix it. This method uses planar structure design for dress production. It uses a more reasonable basic model to modify the model according to the specific style requirements. It adopts shaping outside the table on folds, and then finely adjusts it to reduce direct on the human table. Shaping the difficulty, improve the correct rate. This method is more suitable for small batch production of custom dresses in factories.

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Preparations for a new marriage and some taboos

Le 17 September 2018, 10:20 dans Humeurs 0

Feng shui problems should be paid more attention to, when marriage room decorate in close to meet the day, will be to prepare for bawdy, lay the bed or decorate some temperament or flowers such as room atmosphere, and should pay attention to is to know what taboos.

Wedding room preparation and taboo

(1) the best choice for the bridal chamber is in the place with clear light and air circulation.

(2) the color of the bridal chamber should not be mixed with ten colors. It is easy to have extramarital affairs.

(3) do not hang the wind bell on the window sill of the bridal chamber, which will easily weaken the bride's nerves and make her dizzy and upset.

(4) the bridal chamber shall not span under the transverse wall outside the house, and couples are liable to have quarrels.

(5) when installing a new bed, place the bed in the right position, not opposite the sharp corners of the desk, wardrobe or anything. The new bed also needs to place some lucky good omen goods on the bed, such as lily, red date, lotus seed, which means a hundred years of good cooperation, early birth of noble son and so on.

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Sand Dream

Le 15 September 2018, 04:28 dans Humeurs 0

Every time she goes to school, she must pass a wedding photo studio and always pick a new wedding dress. I like pretty veil. This is something I have had since childhood.

In the large floor-to-ceiling display window, there are always a few crowded racks hung with red or white pieces. The style is very beautiful, but it is always cliché and has not caught my attention. Until one day, it was a windy afternoon. The sun was lazy and people felt a bit slovenly, just in the moment of my time - uh, I almost exclaimed in surprise.

The furnishings in the window were a new look: a large window, leaving only a hanger and a green veil. It is the kind of green in early spring. There is a yellow goose in the green. The texture of the green is explained by layers of tulle. Like the first-born willow, like a fresh green apple jelly, it attracts people's eyes, green yarn. There are no decorations on the quality. A very common style - a simple half-sleeved top and a skirt like a goldfish's tail spread like a goldfish tail, only a bright sunflower on the left shoulder, like a very early spring style - clean, clear, but Never lose sight of it.

The sun shone obliquely over it, shooting skirts through layers of tulle, and the filtered sunlight was slightly greenish. Behind the shop window, the orange light in the shop reflected the milky white walls and became the background of the embarrassment. It was like Van Gogh's impressionist paintings. Outside the shop, the same green branches swayed and waltzed in the wind in the early spring. Then the wind blew with green marks. Looking at the green world in front of me, I couldn't help but laugh - a veil dyed green all spring. So what kind of bride will wear it in the future? Or, this is a wedding dress for the goddess of spring.

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