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We need to bring fashion back

Le 14 mars 2018, 05:05 dans Humeurs 0

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer revolutionaries when it comes to their brand, which has grown from a small studio operation in Karachi to one of Pakistan’s biggest fashion identities. So it’s nothing short of a coup to have one half of the brand – Sana Hashwani – come onboard the Karachi-based Fashion Pakistan Council as a Board Member. There have been Board Members before, but being the no-nonsense firebrand that she is, Sana is sure to mean business and deliver what she is committing herself to.

What exactly is she committing herself to, is the question.

I caught up with her over the phone from London, where she is spending some quality time with her family these days. She was extremely charged about her new undertaking.

“What I want to do is help the council bring fashion back,” she said. “I’m a very strong believer in both councils coming together but until that happens, we need to bring up the game and make the look around fashion week more international. The vibe needs to be cool. Not dated. I’m not there this time (for Spring/Summer 2018) but I will be working with the council then onwards.”

She elaborated that her role would be to “help clean it up aesthetically, if I can” and that we would hopefully see the implemented changes by the Winter/Festive edition of fashion week.

“We need to think of new, younger teams and bring up the platform of fashion week so that people automatically want to join. We have to polish the image. It’s all about aspiration. The younger 18-year olds need to be targeted. We just need to bring the right people in to create the right vibe, and it’s not impossible.”

There have been undercurrents of some new and strong members coming into the board and hopefully they’ll all be able to pull it together. Chairperson FP, Deepak Perwani has been in talks with some extremely influential people and this time around, the council seems to mean business. It’s about time too. The ten-year old Fashion Pakistan Council has been struggling with constant internal changes as well as conflict, the implications of inner disarray being apparent in the lack of growth and development in their biggest undertaking – fashion week. Though Fashion Pakistan has been the platform to have launched several iconic designers over the years, it has not been able to build on its strengths. If these issues are addressed, targeted and resolved then there is no doubt that the potential here is immense.

“Karachi has always been the hub of fashion but has been fragmented of late,” Sana said, echoing those thoughts. “We need to build our brand. Karachi has taken a backseat and we want to revive it.”Read more at:cheap wedding dresses | plus size wedding dresses

Ultimate DIY Bride

Le 23 janvier 2018, 09:12 dans Humeurs 0

WeddingEssentialsOmaha_RealWedding_HannahPaul_RANDYEDWARDS_0023.jpg (

HOMEWORK HELP The two met at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Paul was an economics major and spotted Hannah working on economics homework. “He asked if I needed any help. While I didn’t, we got to talking. We went on a nine-hour first date in the Old Market a few days later and began dating the next day.

PERFECT ENDING Paul proposed on the deck of the lodge at Mahoney State Park near Ashland after a marathon day visiting their favorite places. “I had a feeling it was going to happen that day, but he kept me on my feet guessing when and where,’’ she says.

INDUSTRIAL BLING Hannah said they let their venue speak for itself in terms of industrial features, including brick walls, concrete floors, metal accents and wooden beams. They brought in accents of rhinestones, silver and romantic flowers.

KEEP THEM LAUGHING They wrote their own vows and worked in lots of humor. Hannah said the speech by best man Morgan Runice was filled with funny anecdotes, too. Their last name is a little tricky to say, and the officiant used the wrong pronunciation when he introduced them as husband and wife. “He’s a family friend, and we laughed it off.’’

MORE THAN ONE It was hard for Hannah to pick the sweetest moment of the day. “It’s a tie between our first look (our photographer and videographer captured the whole moment, including our nervous giggles, perfectly) and saying our vows,’’ she says.

LET’S DANCE They had an ’80s prom theme for the reception and took song requests on their RSVPs. All but six parties returned them. “Everyone likes ’80s music,’’ Hannah says. Cupcakes instead of a cake let them cater to everyone’s tastes. “We had an unconventional guestbook in a large framed canvas so we could display it on our wall instead of storing it away.’’

BUSY BEE Hannah owns Hannah Caroline Couture and made all the wedding attire, including both of her bridal gowns; ceremony and reception dresses for the bridesmaids, junior bridesmaid, both mothers, and both grandmothers; and bow ties for the groomsmen. It took her eight hours to make her main gown, three for her reception dress and three to four hours for each additional outfit. She also designed all the graphics, from the welcome sign to the save-the-date, program and other signage.

ON TASK Hannah used a project/task management app called Trello, which allowed her to add tasks with due dates, attachments, collaborators (her mom and matron of honor) and checklists within tasks. Her tip: “Hire, at the very least, a day-of coordinator,’’ she says. “Amanda at AB Weddings helped me think of some things I hadn’t thought of and took care of all the set-up, tear-down and day-of details so we didn’t have to worry about things.’’

FUN TIMES Hannah says Paul is hilarious, caring, romantic and smart and has helped her come out of her shell. Paul says she’s intelligent, funny and beautiful and never fails to make him laugh. “We both have been surprised at how often we still get butterflies from simple moments despite being together for almost four years,’’ Hannah says. “And we hope that’s something that never changes.’Read more at:bridesmaid dresses online

Singapore wedding banquet prices for 2018

Le 19 janvier 2018, 09:06 dans Humeurs 0

Weddings are big business in Singapore. Some people spend enough on their wedding dinner, photo shoot, gown and ring to buy a house in some Southeast Asian countries.

But the real killer is definitely the wedding banquet. And hotels know people are willing to pay big bucks to impress their relatives. So every so often, they dutifully hike up their prices, telling themselves these couples will make back that money when they receive their Baby Bonus.

We already compiled a Wedding Banquet Price List for 2017 back in June. And now, in 2018, we're back to see just who has raised their prices and by how much.

How does this increase compare to previous years?

Since June 2017, 55 per cent of the hotels, restaurants and venues we previously listed increased their prices.

Amongst those venues that increased their prices, the average hike was 4.28 per cent.

This is actually low compared to previous years, when the average annual price hikes were between 5 per cent and 10 per cent!

In fact, with some hotels, the drop in the price hike is even more dramatic. We can see this from previous years' wedding banquet price list.

Are the price hikes justified?

From November 2016 to 2017, consumer prices in Singapore increased by only 0.6 per cent.

MAS's Core Inflation Measure for the same period was 1.5 per cent (core inflation excludes price changes in certain things such as accommodation and cars, so that we have a better idea of how consumer prices for day-to-day goods are changing).

So we can see that even with slowing year-on-year price hikes, venues are still increasing their charges disproportionately. It's possible that renewed optimism about the economy in the coming year has caused them to still consider raising their fees in anticipation.

For couples about to tie the knot (or guests attending their weddings, ang bao in hand), that means you should feel the pinch a little more this year.Read more at:backless wedding dresses | wedding dresses 2017

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