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McClinic - Shelton Wedding

Le 17 juillet 2017, 09:37 dans Humeurs 0

Whitney Erin Shelton and Chantz Levar McClinic were married at 5 p.m. Saturday, June 10 at Morris Chapel, Darlington in Rome.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Shelton, Sr. of Cedartown. Whitney is the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Strickland and the late Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Shelton.

The groom is the son of Ms. Jeanene McClinic and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Owens of Rome. Chantz is the grandson of Ms. Katie McClinic of Rome and the late Mr. John Lewis McClinic.

Officiant, Rev. Carey Ingram performed a double-ring ceremony in the presence of over 300 guests.

Pianist Mr. Marvin Williams, vocalists Mr. Williams and Ms. Keonna Shaw, as well as a string quartet, Seven Hills Music of Rome, provided a program of wedding music.

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Mothers of the groom were escorted by their sons. Mrs. Linda Owens was escorted by Mr. Parrish Owens, Ms. Jeanene McClinic was escorted by Mr. Derricus Ellis and the mother of the bride, Mrs. Lee Shelton, was escorted by her son, Mr. William Shelton, Jr.

Attendants were: maid of honor Shundel Francis of Brampton Ontario, Canada; matron of honor Lori Depew of Rockmart; bridesmaids were Ebonee Moody of Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Lindsey Traylor of Adairsville; K’Lia Hayes of Smyrna; Courtnay Williams of Rome and Aleigha Williams of Matteson, Illinois.

Best man was brother of the groom, Corey Kinnebrew of Rome. Groomsmen were Derricus Ellis, borther of the groom, of Highpoint, North Carolina; Antonio Wilson of Winston Salem, North Carolina; Parrish Owens, Jon Chumbler, Hunter Edwards; Corey Roper; Kane Sutphin and Grady Sonam, all of Rome; Drew Davis of Atlanta; Alphonso Smith of Pahokee, Florida; Stanley Arnoux of Sunrise, Florida; Aaron Curry of Charlotte, North Carolina; Kerry Major of Columbia, Maryland and Sanders Wallis of Atlanta.

Flower girls were J’nae Kinnebrew of Rome, niece of the groom and Lacey Faye Shelton of Locust Grove, niece of the bride.

Bridesmaids wore black long flowing one-shoulder draped gowns, while the maids and matrons of honor wore black long flowing off-the-shoulder gowns. They carried bouquets of peach roses, pink spray roses, burgundy ranunculus, fuchsia alstroemeria and miniature green hydrangea with accents of dusty miller and willow eucalyptus.

The bride, given in marriage by her parents and escorted by her father, wore a formal strapless ivory dupioni fit-to-flare gown with a sweetheart neckline and gold bolero. The gown had a sculpted, elongated bodice with a full-tiered tulle skirt of horsehair flounces and cascading train. She also wore a matching Londyn veil, both by designer Hayley Paige. Whitney’s accessories were something borrowed and blue, a diamond bracelet, vintage pearl earrings and a sapphire diamond ring on her right hand, of her late grandmother Shelton. The bride carried a hand-tied bouquet of ivory blossoms with hints of blush pink and peach, created with roses, ranunculus and hydrangea with dusty miller, willow eucalyptus and Italian ruscus foliage tied with ivory satin ribbon. At the base of the bouquet, she clinched a personalized ivory handkerchief made with lace from her mother’s wedding dress worn in 1973.

The church was adorned with beautiful flowers that complemented the attendants’ bouquets, with bells of Ireland, gladiola and roses in shades of ivory, blush pink and peach with cascading greenery. The pews had bouquets of ivory hydrangea and foliage with floor-length ivory ribbons and the altar had the perfect touch of candle lighting.

The groomsmen and father wore black tuxedos with pink ranunculus boutonnieres on their lapels. Chantz’s attire consisted of a black tuxedo with an ivory tux jacket and on his lapel, an ivory rose with its stem wrapped with gold shimmery ribbon.

Following the ceremony, a grand reception was held at Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum. After a night of toasting and celebration with family and friends, the couple departed with a lavender throw and red carpet send-off in a white classic Rolls Royce.

The bride and groom hosted an appreciation after-party at the Moon Roof in Rome for their wedding attendants. The groom surprised his bride with a six-day trip to St. Lucia, West Indies. The couple will reside in Silver Creek.

An engagement party on Jan. 21 at Moon River, Rome, hosted by The Chumbler, Davis, Edwards, Hought, Owens, Sonam, Stuenkel, Sutphin and Wallis families.

A lingerie shower on March 4 at the home of Ms. Theresa Barnswell in Acworth, hosted by Ms. Theresa Barnswell, Mrs. Michelle Barnswell, Ms. Becky Junkins, Mrs. Deborah Ward and Ms. Katie Raciborski.

A miscellaneous bridal shower on May 6 at Coosa Country Club in Rome, hosted by Mrs. Trudie Sams, Mrs. Deborah Ward, Mrs. Glenda Harris and Ms. Yvette Williams.

A miscellaneous bridal shower on May 13 at the home of Mrs. Lori Depew in Rockmart hosted by Mrs. Depew, Ms. Norma Jean Holland, Mrs. Jill Essingman and Mrs. Tera Collier.

An “I Do” barbecue celebration on May 13 at the home of Ms. Katie McClinic hosted by the McClinic family.

A rehearsal dinner on June 9 at Coosa Country Club in Rome, hosted by the groom’s family.

A bridal brunch on June 10 at Moon River in Rome hosted by Mrs. Edna English, Ms. Gretchen Burrell, Ms. India Burrell and Ms. Eloise Shelton.

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These Couples Re-Reading Their Wedding Vows to Each Other Will Wreck You

Le 7 juillet 2017, 08:32 dans Humeurs 0

You know the saying: love is patient, love is kind, love means never having to share the wine. Okay, I might have made that last part up, but you get the idea. And you know what's even ~more romantic~ than a bottle of pinot? The heart-meltingly sweet moment when two people, surrounded by friends and family, share their vows to commit their lives to each other forever.

To re-visit one of the most special moments of any wedding, asked five couples to read their vows to each for the first time since they said "I do."

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"With you I've learned that you can do it alone," said one bride to her wife. "But you don't have to because love is love is love."

Another bride added some humor to the mix, throwing in some long-term goals: "Let us continue being best friends, lovers, and grow to be the coolest old people ever."

It's clear all of these couples are head over heels for each other, totally exemplifying what one groom said to his bride. "You love me through thick and thin, good and bad. No matter how difficult life seems to get, I can still find comfort with you."

Get your tissues ready, this is about to hit you in all the feels.

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Le 28 juin 2017, 10:11 dans Humeurs 0

The dress I wore to the Knesset did not quite reach my knees. But in an American office building, or the United States Congress for that matter, it would not have even raised eyebrows.

The dress I wore to the Knesset would not have been appropriate for a visit to the Western Wall. But I wasn’t visiting the Western Wall – I was a journalist covering an event at the parliament building.

The dress I wore to the Knesset should not have been judged by a security guard abiding by an unclear dress code stating that “short dresses” are not allowed. But it was.

In fact, he told me I would only be let in if I went to the Cinema City center and bought a new dress. And so, in the 90-degree heat (32 C), I trekked 1 kilometer uphill in what should have been an acceptable outfit to buy a new one.

Upon returning, the guard who had told me to change teased me. “You actually bought one and came back?” he asked with a laugh. Of course.

JAMIE HALPER poses in the dress she was not allowed to wear to cover a story in the Knesset.

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I wholly respect the dresscode expectations of different locations. When I go to the Western Wall, I wear a skirt that falls to or below my knees. When I go to synagogue, I ensure that my shoulders are covered. And when I go to work, I ensure that my clothing is, on the most basic level, not revealing and inappropriate.

That is the category under which I would consider the dress I wore to the Knesset.

An appropriately blue and white dress, not too far above my knees, with sleeves that came to my elbows.

If there had been a clear guideline as to the expected length of my dress, I would have no problem abiding by the rule. If the Knesset had provided a scarf for me to wrap around my waist the way the Western Wall does, I would have put it on without argument.

The experience I had at the Knesset was similar to that of the Knesset aides who were turned away in December for dresses and skirts the guards deemed too short following a reinvigoration of the enforcement of these long-standing dress codes.

Following those denials, the aides and some members of the Knesset staged protests. Subsequently, there were reports of a decision to relax the dress restrictions, to offer warnings before absolute denial to the building, and to only allow entry restrictions by a guard of the same sex.

I experienced none of the changes supposedly achieved by the protests: My dress was not provocative in any sense; I was denied entry without a warning until I returned in a new dress; and I was turned away by a male guard.

A Knesset spokesman informed me that, because I was part of a group, the warning rule did not apply to me. He did not address the issue of the sex of the guard blocking my entry.

At the end of the day, the inconsistencies in the policy are unacceptable. If, in fact, the rules as I understand them are not true, they should be. A male guard has no right to determine how provocative my outfit is without a defined length measurement.

Similarly, a journalist invited to the Knesset in one context should not receive a warning, while a journalist invited in another context does not.

Inconsistencies such as these allow for a level of personal discretion on the part of guards that inconveniences people looking to enter the grounds for work and tourism, and opens the door to sexism based on the guards’ own ideas about the implied promiscuity of any given outfit.

To stand at the entrance to the parliamentary complex in a perfectly acceptable dress and be told that it is inappropriate is demeaning. To have an ambiguous dress code – one that deems certain categories of dress as inherently sexual and provocative – at the seat of Israel’s legislature is outdated and embarrassing for the administration of the Knesset.

If such a code must exist for the preservation of the modesty of the space, it should only be put into place with consultation of the women who work there, and must be made explicitly clear – including measurements – and consistently applied.

For a woman to be policed – and rudely at that – by a male guard is unfair and uncalled for.

In the future, I will wear a longer dress when I go to the Knesset, but never without concern that even my best efforts to follow the dress code could be deemed insufficient if the guard that day feels like it. That’s not a concern I should have to consider when simply going about my job.

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